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Language & Programming

LiteX+ SymbiFlow

First, we setup the folder structure and clone some repos: In the next step, we download the symbiflow toolchain: Now we setup the conda environment and make sure that all LiteX modules are installed into it. Lastly, we build the LiteX SoC for our target, the Arty A7.

LiteX – UART hub

Following up on some blinking with the Mimas Spartan 6, we will send some UART data via the FPGA. The code can be found on In theory it is possible to have dozens of UART channels on a single FPGA! To be able to talk to the internal bus system, called Wishbone, we will…
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STM32F4 Python Programming

After the rather unsuccessful approach of installing an entire NuttX/PX4 ecosystem on an NUCLEO-F446RE, I got a very simple system running on it: MicroPython! Attaching the board via USB, it is only necessary to run the following commands to get a running python shell (in python context it is called REPL): Getting stuff blinking is…
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